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Promoting the research results includes protecting the intellectual property and application of the scientific discoveries in the industrial field.
How can I promote a research project?

A scientific discovery becomes an innovation the moment it creates change in economic and social system. Promoting the research’s result includes protecting its intellectual property and the application of the scientific discoveries in the industrial field.

Which are the tools to promote the research project?

T3 makes an objective evaluation of the research results compared to the main technological trends and international markets. We offer support in identifying the ideal promotion steps with regards to the research results: transfer, licensing, prototypes and performance test, and spin-offs.

“It seem like a complex and expensive process.” How do I protect my discoveries and at the same time give them an international visibility?

We give the opportunity to receive assistance in registering the intellectual property and give visibility on an international scale through a customized plan to promote the research. Furthermore, there will be the possibility to access international research networks, to start relationships with industry partners and to identify the best financing plans for applied research.

The Innovation process

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T3 office meeting:
Meet the Innovation Advisors at our offices and plan the roadmap for the consulting service

TRL verification:
Receive an objective evaluation for your company’s Technology Readiness Level

Learning and Enhancement:
Sign up to a personalized training course on how to promote your research, and receive a scouting on the best financing opportunities to develop your promotion project

Receive an analysis of your research results in relation to the main international technology and market trends through specialized functions and databases.

Exploitation Strategy:
Receive support in defining and testing the promotion method that is best adapted to your research results

Exploitation Planning:
You will receive the guidelines to develop your research promotion project in terms of development scenarios, market potential, and financing opportunities

Strategy Execution:
Receive assistance on the necessary steps to register the intellectual property